Donovan Raitt

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarist

An emerging new voice in the world of modern fingerstyle guitar, acoustic guitarist Donovan Raitt incorporates percussive techniques, strong melodic hooks, influences ranging from Jazz to Rock and Classical music, and innovative performance techniques to create a unique sound all his own. Based in Orange County, CA, Donovan has released two albums of solo acoustic guitar music, his latest album, 2014's "Pursuing the Horizon" was produced by fingerstyle guitar virtuoso Antoine Dufour.

A Long Overdue 2015 Post! NAMM Recap...News and More!

Wow...its been a long time since I wrote another blog post it seems! Sorry for the delay everyone! Its been a crazy start to the year and there's a lot to share with you! 

Midwinter Hymns Update! 

Thank you all who ordered copies of the Midwinter Hymns album this past Christmas! We were able to raise over $150 for families forward and I know that will go a long way to helping local families in need! Thank you to everyone who bought CD's! 

New Video on Candyrat Records!

My latest video for "One Last Request" is now live on Candyrat Records YouTube channel! Check it out and please share it and spread the word! 

January Tour/NAMM Recap

This past January I was fortunate enough to be asked by Stonebridge Guitars, the makers of my amazing acoustic guitars, to be a part a mini-tour of local dealers in Southern California before the NAMM show. I had a blast playing shows in Los Angeles and Santa Barabara at some very cool guitar stores and It was great meeting everyone and playing some amazing instruments!

The 2015 NAMM show.... well let me just say it was one of the best years ever! Its always great to see old friends back in town and try out all the cool new gear. I played a lot during the show this year, and was privileged to perform for some great companies that I'm proud to endorse, including G7th capos, Stonebridge Guitars, Journey Guitars, The Engle Guitar Hammer,  and GruvGear. Its pretty amazing playing for people at NAMM, as you never know who might stop by your set. I got a little nervous when the legendary Andy Mckee stopped to watch my set at the Stonebridge booth!  

The Amazing Andy Mckee and me after my set. We could be twins, right? =) 

The Amazing Andy Mckee and me after my set. We could be twins, right? =) 

I was also able to organize some concerts for some of my fingetstyle guitar friends who were in town. We played a series of shows called "A Night of Acoustic Guitar Wizardry" that were literally dreams coming true in real time! I have always wanted to play shows with these incredible musicians and I'm so grateful they were all on board for it! It was an honor to share the stage with such amazing musicians, including Thomas Leeb, Antoine Dufour, Trevor Gordon Hall, Adrian Bellue, Dallas Sutherland, and Luca Francioso. Such an amazing (and exhausting) weekend!

Left to Right; Andy Mckee, Thomas Leeb, Me, Luca Fanciosco, Trevor Gordon Hall, Antoine Dufour

Left to Right; Andy Mckee, Thomas Leeb, Me, Luca Fanciosco, Trevor Gordon Hall, Antoine Dufour

New Endorsement - Ernie Ball Strings! 

I'm extremely proud to announce that I am now an official endorser of Ernie Ball Strings! I'm so proud to be in the Ernie Ball family and I love their new Aluminum Bronze acoustic strings! Please check them out and try a set for yourself! I'm also using their electric strings and enjoying a custom gauged 7-string electric set as well! Thank you to everyone at Ernie Ball for making this possible! 

February recap...zzzzz....

After the craziness that was NAMM I decided to take a bit of time to rest and recover during February, which for anyone who knows me means that I had a ton of shows and things to do anyways =) I did work on writing some new music though, and so that leads me to...

Upcoming Shows! 

Please check out the calendar for some very cool shows coming up in March and Early April! I'm excited to be opening for Ewan Dobson on his North American tour stop at Alva's Showroom in San pedro. You can get tickets to that show here! I've also added some regular shows in Orange County at Orange Coast Winery this month, so please come and support those as well!

Hope that wasn't too long of an update. Thank you as always for listening, supporting and sharing my music! I can't thank you enough for all the support!