Donovan Raitt

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarist

An emerging new voice in the world of modern fingerstyle guitar, acoustic guitarist Donovan Raitt incorporates percussive techniques, strong melodic hooks, influences ranging from Jazz to Rock and Classical music, and innovative performance techniques to create a unique sound all his own. Based in Orange County, CA, Donovan has released two albums of solo acoustic guitar music, his latest album, 2014's "Pursuing the Horizon" was produced by fingerstyle guitar virtuoso Antoine Dufour.

Christmas Music is Here!

Hello Friends! 

Well, its almost Thanksgiving, which means its been busy over here in the Oxford Guitar Lab (otherwise known as my home studio). I have some very cool projects I'd like to share with you!

Christmas Hymns CD - Limited Edition Re-Release

Last year I decided to record an album of christmas music to help fund the recording of my last record "Pursuing the Horizon" and it was a huge success! I sold out completely of the 200 cd's I pressed and was able to record that album this year! 

Well I've decided to re-release 2013's "Christmas Hymns" with a special limited pressing of 100 CD's. I will not be ordering any more of these until next December, so if you're in the mood for some christmas music, or need an easy idea for a christmas gift! You can order a CD exclusively through my website for $15 including shipping when you use the code "Winter" at check-out! Each CD will be numbered and signed by me as an extra bonus!

 New Christmas Music! - "Midwinter Hymns" Limited Edition CD! 

Like I said earlier, things have been pretty busy around here, and I'm exited to announce a new collection of 4 additional christmas arrangements. "Midwinter Hymns" is a very special collection of lesser-known but extrememly beautiful hymns for solo guitar. I was initially going to release this as a digital release only, but due to demand, I will be pressing 100 CD's of this collection as well! These limited edition CD's will be available through my website and my bandcamp page.

Wether you purchase a digital download or buy a CD copy, the proceeds from Midwinter Hymns will be donated to Families Forward, a phenomenal charity in Irvine, CA that helps families and children in need of food, clothing, and other vital resources in Orange County. Please consider purchasing a copy (or several copies to give as gifts) and help support this awesome charity. I'm proud to donate my music to help support them as they are in turn supporting our local community.

Each Cd purchased will be hand signed and numbered, and will begin shipping December 6th, plenty of time for Christmas. 

Remember to use the code "winter" at checkout for free shipping!

Thank you for supporting my music! I'll be playing a lot of public events this holiday season, so keep checking back for the latest info on shows during the christmas season! 

Thanks so much and Blessings to you all this Christmas season!