Donovan Raitt

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarist

An emerging new voice in the world of modern fingerstyle guitar, acoustic guitarist Donovan Raitt incorporates percussive techniques, strong melodic hooks, influences ranging from Jazz to Rock and Classical music, and innovative performance techniques to create a unique sound all his own. Based in Orange County, CA, Donovan has released two albums of solo acoustic guitar music, his latest album, 2014's "Pursuing the Horizon" was produced by fingerstyle guitar virtuoso Antoine Dufour.

March News...New Music Preview!

Hey everybody! 

February turned out to be an amazing month, highlighted by the recording of a NEW ALBUM! I spent the last week of February in L'Assomption, Quebec (about 30mins outside Montreal) recording ten new original solo guitar pieces with the amazing Antoine Dufour recording and co-producing the record. Despite the frighteningly cold temperatures, this SoCal kid didn't freeze to death in his first Canadian winter. I had a wonderful time and got to work with one of my guitar heroes for a week, which is something I will never forget! Take a look at this short sample clip from the recording. There's no official release date for the record right now, but I will update everyone as soon as I have an idea of when It will be released! 

I'd like to send a huge thank you to Stonebridge Guitars, who sent me a beautiful Baritone guitar to use on this record. I'm really proud to play these guitars and both my C23CC-C and the baritone sounded fantastic! This album will be featuring Stonebridge Guitars exclusively, which I'm very happy about!

Because February turned out to be such a busy month, March is looking a little more relaxed. There's a lot of work to do before the record can be released (CD artwork, photos, tabs of the new tunes, videos to shoot, and a ton more) so I'll be spending a lot of time with that, this month. There may be some last minute shows added to the calendar towards the end of the month, and I'll keep you posted on those as they come. In the meantime. I'll be posting samples of the new music periodically on my youtube channel and Facebook page, so keep checking back! 

Also, just wanted to remind everyone that I've got a few spots open for online and in-person lessons if anyone out there is interested in taking a lesson or two. Any style or topic you want to cover is fine with me! 

That's all for now! Thanks for supporting the music!