Donovan Raitt

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarist

An emerging new voice in the world of modern fingerstyle guitar, acoustic guitarist Donovan Raitt incorporates percussive techniques, strong melodic hooks, influences ranging from Jazz to Rock and Classical music, and innovative performance techniques to create a unique sound all his own. Based in Orange County, CA, Donovan has released two albums of solo acoustic guitar music, his latest album, 2014's "Pursuing the Horizon" was produced by fingerstyle guitar virtuoso Antoine Dufour.

Order Donovan's New Album! "Christmas Hymns" Available November 29th!  

Christmas Hymns - Digital Download

A collection of 10 traditional Christmas Hymns arranged for Solo Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar and performed by Donovan Raitt.Recorded in September/October 2013. 

Christmas Hymns was released on November 29th 2013.

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Continuing with my series of EP's of Hymn arrangements, and Just in time for the Christmas season, comes a collection of 10 traditional Christmas Hymns arranged for solo acoustic guitar! I'm really excited about these arrangements and I can't wait for you to hear the record! I'm currently taking pre-orders for the record which will be released the day after thanksgiving, November 29th 2013.

Listen to the Full Album Here!




All Pre-Orders will receive a digital download of the full album! As soon as I receive your order I will email you a link to download the album. Please allow up to 12 hours from time of purchase to receive your email. I try to get to them as fast as I can!




This Recording is serving as a fundraiser for my next recording of original material, which will (hopefully) take place early next year. I have some pretty exciting opportunities coming up and I can't wait to share them with you at the right time, but for now, please enjoy the music and think of giving a CD as a gift to a friend or loved one this holiday season! (See how easy I'm making your christmas shopping this year?!)


Thanks for all your support of my music, enjoy the CD and have a wonderful Christmas season!