Donovan Raitt

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarist

An emerging new voice in the world of modern fingerstyle guitar, acoustic guitarist Donovan Raitt incorporates percussive techniques, strong melodic hooks, influences ranging from Jazz to Rock and Classical music, and innovative performance techniques to create a unique sound all his own. Based in Orange County, CA, Donovan has released two albums of solo acoustic guitar music, his latest album, 2014's "Pursuing the Horizon" was produced by fingerstyle guitar virtuoso Antoine Dufour.

Summer happenings, and a new website

Hey Everyone!  

Its been a fun 2013 so far! Been teaching a lot, playing my music around the OC and generally having a great time! Wanted to share some exciting things with you!

New Website!

As you might have guessed, I've spent a lot of time updating my website! There's a new Bio in the "About" Section, a new event calendar, an ONLINE STORE where you can buy my CDs and my books and such, and a very new sleek look to the site. 

My Book is Published!

My instructional book, which you can purchase at the  STORE (see what I did there?) is now self-published and ready to ship! I've used this book as my main teaching resource since 2008, and Its a great book for anyone getting started with the guitar. 

Canadian Guitar Festival!

I'm really excited to announce that in Auguist I will be competing in the Canadian Guitar Festival  in Kingston, Ontario. I've never done a gutiar competition before, and I'm really excited to see what happens! Its basically the fingerstyle guitar woodstock festival, and I can't wait to play and meet some of my favorite guitar players! 


I've also taken a volunteer positon as the music director of the Association of Fingerstyle Guitarists, a non-profit group in Orange County dedicated to teaching and perserving fingerstyle guitar. I'll be teaching a monthly masterclass for them, so check out their website and stay tuned for dates and locations!

Whew! That was longer than I expected! See you at a gig this summer!